Company Overview

VisionLed was specifically founded to deal with customer challenges from the local context.  Our founders come from leading Global Consulting and Delivery firms that sell western developed solutions to the Asian market.

Solutions that are proven, robust and well thought-out for their home market, but lack real-applicability in our local markets.

Local challenges we strive to overcome:

  • Visions that are either too vague, irrelevant locally, or unrealistic.
  • Solutions that cannot be implemented by local Capability Teams, forcing reliance upon the Global Supplier.
  • Losing the low cost advantage through the enforced use of global process and technologies.
  • Wasting training budget on certifications that do not lead to a measurable competitive advantage.
  • Demotivating employees with training courses focussed upon reading and remembering a 300-page process manual.

Our Vision

VisionLed is a boutique digital transformation practice focusing upon people and resource challenges. We design our services to align with your vision and measure success through benefits realised, not assignments completed.

Our Mission

Ensuring everything we say, create and deliver has measurable value for our Customers

Our Core Value

Value VisionLed Difference
1.       Customer We focus on what you need
2.       Integrity We own failure to resolution
3.       Collaboration We work together
4.       Responsive We live and work where you do
5.       Innovation We develop new ways of working
6.       Credibility We provide real case studies
7.       Measurable We focus on actual value realised


We are accredited training organization:

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