ITIL 4 Pathway

ITIL 4 is positioned as the umbrella framework within which all modern IT best-practices can be integrated in seamless end-to-end models.

The Service Lifecycle has been removed and the framework is now based around the concept of Service Value Systems.

A Service Value System (SVS) is an end-to-end model for each business-focussed service.  Whilst there is still a generic flow; the tailoring and adoption of best-practices on a service-by-service basis is key to enabling the fastest flow and highest business value.

The previous emphasis on processes has been replaced, with a focus upon practices.  Many of the ITILv3 processes have evolved into practices, and ITIL 4 introduces further practices from domains such as Enterprise Architecture, Agile, Lean IT, Security, Cloud, DevOps and many more.

ITIL 4 offers a comprehensive certification pathway featuring six key ITSM roles:

  1. ITIL Specialist
  2. ITIL Strategist
  3. ITIL Leader
  4. ITIL Managing Professional
  5. ITIL Strategic Leader
  6. ITIL Master

AXELOS recognises the experience gained by ITILv3 Intermediate practitioners and allows the v3 credits to count towards the new ITIL Managing Professional qualification.

Those practitioners with 17 credits, will be eligible to attend the ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition course once released in Q4 2019.

AXELOS will leave the existing ITILv3 Intermediate scheme in place until May 2020, to allow practitioners to finish accumulating 17 credits before the courses are retired, and the bridging pathway closed.

VisionLed and our partner NUS-ISS will continue to offer the following ITILv3 Intermediate courses to enable practitioners to acquire the 17 credits they need to be eligible for the ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition course:

ITILv3 Foundation (2 credits) – will be replaced with ITIL 4 Foundation in Q1 2019

ITILv3 Operational Support and Analysis (4 credits)

ITILv3 Release Control and Validation (4 credits)

ITILv3 Service Offerings and Agreements (4 credits)

ITILv3 Continual Service Improvement (3 credits)

Note:  There is no bridging pathway for practitioners with less than 17 credits in ITILv3.

Further information of the ITIL 4 Pathway can be found on the official AXELOS website here: