Learning Management System or Bust

Employee:  Boss, can I go for agile training with Fancy Co.? They’ve got great reviews and are leading the way in their innovative approaches.

Boss:  Don’t we already have an agile module in our LMS?

Employee: Yes, but this new course would really give us an edge over our competition!

Boss:  Sorry Jim, we need to maximise our ROI from the LMS


What’s wrong in this picture?

  1. The employee in question is likely to be demotivated
  2. The ‘competitive edge’ that could have been gained is lost
  3. The employee may decide not to bother looking for more ways to be competitive in the future

Was the boss right to say no?  Don’t we (as a business) want a return on the investments we make into our LMS?

The challenge with all Learning Management Systems is the same:

  1. Relevancy to your products and services
  2. Currency of information. e. if the content was created x number of years ago, how relevant is it to the business challenges you’re facing today?

That’s not to say that all LMS’ are bad.  For example, you could customise the course content which would help with problem #1.

However, unless you have a dedicated team of content creators (which is likely going to be a distraction from your core business model) it may be very difficult to address problem #2.


A Solution

Just-in-Time Training (JITT), from an expert that can ‘walk the talk’.  It’s easy to find trainers that can teach a syllabus in a controlled classroom setting.  But it is quite unique to be able to find a trainer that can walk into any project or operational situation and be able to provide customised, just-in-time training and coaching.

Having an expert on standby, that knows your business and is there when you need them ensures both relevancy and currency.

What Would This Look Like in Real-Life?


:  Boss, we’re a bit stuck with how to turn these new product ideas into a suitable prototype, and we have a customer demo in 2 weeks!  Can we call in our JITT provider?

Boss:  If you’ve confirmed that the cost is within the forecasted product benefits go ahead.

JITT Provider:  There are 3 ways that you can approach this prototype, let me walk you through and see which one you like the best.

Employee:  Boss, we’re back on track and will be ready to go for the demo!


Challenges with Just-in-time Training

To take advantage of JITT there are challenges that need to be addressed from both the customer and JITT provider.

JITT Provider Challenges:

  1. Maintain a suitable pool of experts that can ‘walk the talk’
  2. The experts need to be dedicated to a limited number of customers to avoid context switching wastage
  3. The development of playbooks that have relevancy to specific customers products and services
  4. Be available as/when the customer requires (notice period may be 1 week, or less)

Customer Challenges:

  1. Finding a JITT provider
  2. Being clear on the forecasted benefits of their products and services (to determine what level of cost is appropriate)
  3. Dedicating resources to avoid context switching wastage I.e. there is no point training Jim, if he is going to be pulled off this project at any time.

If this is a challenge that you’ve faced recently, and you can see the value in JITT give us a call.  We’ve come up with an approach to overcome these challenges and can be the provider that you can trust to know your business as well as you do, and be there when you need us.