® Leadership Agility

Enabling Principles and Practices for Agile Leaders

Leadership Agility is the ability to enable Agile Team’s to realise the Customers’ value expectations through co-creation, empowerment and a commitment to reduce organisational complexity. Agile Leaders strive to provide a seamless integration of standards where centralised control must be retained for economies of scale, governance, risk and compliance.

Learning objectives/course outcome:

  1. Increase motivation and reduce resistance to change by co-creating the organisation vision and supporting goals
  2. Identify where/when high-performing teams are required and visually delegate authority to define the limits of team autonomy
  3. Establish a lean framework for data-driven decision-making
  4. Increase value by identifying non-value adding activities across the entire organisation value chain
  5. Understand and commission scalable, self-service platforms for standard shared services such as HR, Marketing, Procurement, Finance and IT
  6. Create a professional practice for individual and domain coaching to drive performance and organisational resilience
  7. Use psychological safety, and systems thinking to drive innovation and problem solving across the organisation

Target Audience:

C-1, Senior Managers, Middle Management and, any other default decision-making authorities within an organisation.

Entry Requirements / Prerequisites:

Whilst there are no formal pre-requisites, this workshop is designed for Business Leaders who are responsible for driving agility across the organisation.


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Day 1

Defining Business Agility
Co-creating the Organisation Vision and Goals
Creating and Empowering Agile Team’s
Aligning Agile Teams using a lean OKR Framework

Day 2

Identifying Organisational Waste
Understanding Digital Self-Service Platforms
Ensuring Organisational Resilience
Building a Culture of Learning and Innovation
No, the certification does not have an expiry date.
Yes, you will be issued with an online voucher to take the exam when you’re ready. The voucher is valid for one year from the date of issue.
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Duration: 2 Days
Lectures: 8
Level: Intermediate