® Team Agility

Enabling Principles and Practices for Agile Teams

Team Agility refers to the ability of an Agile Team to anticipate, adapt and act upon the evolving needs and wants of the Customer (internal or external).  This is enabled through direct and long-term Customer relationships and enhanced through physical, or digital products and services.

Learning objectives:

  1. Increase customer retention and team motivation by co-creating the Product/Service Vision and supporting goals
  2. Manage build and run activities through the creation of a customer-centric Product/Service Backlog
  3. Introduce pull-systems of work (Kanban) to increase quality and team throughput
  4. Identify ways to increase product/service value by minimising non-value adding activities and features
  5. Complete the insights, options, experiments cycle to identify new ways of increasing product value
  6. Increase team resilience and performance by identifying and analysing the competencies required to realise the Product/Service Vision
  7. Measure and understand the importance of team dynamics as a positive driver of change

Target Audience:

Professionals who directly add value to an internally, or externally facing product, or service across its lifecycle e.g.

  • Internal services typically include those from HR, Marketing, Finance, Legal, Procurement and IT.
  • External products and services delivers to external customers.

Entry Requirements / Prerequisites:

Whilst there are no formal pre-requisites, this workshop is designed for professionals who are, or are intending to work within an agile product or service team.


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Day 1

Defining Business Agility
Co-creating the Product Vision and Goals
Building the Team Backlog

Day 2

Using Pull Systems to Manage Work
Reducing Waste to Increase Product Value

Day 3

Designing, Executing and Analysing Customer-Value Experiments
Team Competency Development
Team Retrospectives
No, the certification does not have an expiry date.
Yes, you will be issued with an online voucher to take the exam when you’re ready. The voucher is valid for one year from the date of issue.
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Duration: 3 Days
Lectures: 8
Level: Intermediate